How the wording took shape for insertion into book.

The wording for the book has come almost exclusively from the word document that Andrew sent me describing his and Lynn’s reasons for moving to France. I did not wish to change the writing too much, other than to correct any grammar or spelling issues, and correct the tenses throughout the paragraphs. Therefore I have kept it very much the same as it appeared in the word document. I have also kept the order relatively similar and not shifted the paragraphs around that much because I felt they were already fairly chronologically ordered. If I started changing the order the timeline of their move would have become very mishmash and out of place and so for that reason I have kept it as chronologically ordered as possible according to the below word document:

Kings word doc 1Kings word doc 2Kings word doc 3

As well as using text that Andrew has sent me, I thought it would be a good idea to include a little bit of text at the beginning of the book, describing the participatory process and what the book is about. I wanted to do this to give the book a little bit of contextual information. I drafted a few copies of what I wanted to write, and then gradually developed it and cut it down to the final copy which I then inserted into the beginning of the book.

First edited Draft of the introductory piece by myself:

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.37.38

I have since edited the wording ever so slightly to read better as below.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 14.16.48

I did not want this text to appear as a block chunk, so when in InDesign I have split it into two columns of text with a title.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 12.25.44

Similarly with the text by Andrew I have split it up into more manageable chunks and spread it throughout the layout. I have also increased the emphasis on certain words that I felt were more important than others in order for them to stand out. I have altered their colour and their font, as well as the size in order to do this. Breaking the text into more manageable chunks also means that it is more likely to be read, which in my opinion is a good thing because I have noticed than in phonebooks if you are given a large chunk of text, it is all too easy to skip over it and not really read what it says.

The wording of this project is important as it is participatory and I really wanted Andrew and Lynn’s voice to come across in it. I feel I have been successful in retaining their voices by keeping the text almost exactly as I received it, thus maintaining my participatory approach and also being respectful of ensure that it is their voices we hear throughout the book as it is their story after all.


The wording was not an easy thing to do because I had to be so careful that I wasn’t influencing my voice to come through overall. But I think that as the book developed the text developed with it and has now got a good point where it works well and is unique to my participants so I am fairly happy with it. I think it could be better if there was more, but of course I do not wish to pry into my subjects life too much as this could be intrusive. The story could be much longer but because of this reason, I have just let tit as it is and worked from here. I am happy with the overall results but I am aware there is the opportunity to make it much longer.


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