Book Layout Review

As I have been recently been working on the book edit for this module, I took it in to get some peer reviews on where it could be improved before I think about taking it to print.

It was a good thing I did because there were quite a few changes to be made, which I did expect because I was aware there were parts where my work was actually quite weak.

I created a list (as below) which details the changes I need to make to the book design and layout in order for it to be all round stronger.

The List of Corrections:

  1. Add in another single page at the top after the *hard cover* (purpose is for when I book bind, not online). This will serve as the page stuck to the leaf at the front of the book and will push back the start slightly.
  2. Check the guttering on all images so that any images running into this can cross over the two pages and not have any important aspects of the photographs lost to the guttering. This may mean splitting images to avoid this.
  3. Use a sans serif font on the text ‘Andrew and Lynn’ rather than the calligraphy scrawl currently used (the risk is it looks a bit like an obituary.)
  4. Pull up the image on the same page as ‘Andrew and Lynn’ so it is centred more at the top of the page rather than the bottom because otherwise it looks like it is falling off.
  5. Check my copyright and edit it slightly so that it shows joint copyright for design.
  6. Change the ‘floral’ fonts to something more structured.
  7. Shunt the text up so that it doesn’t appear to be falling off of certain pages. (This is throughout the book).
  8. Make sure there is similar emphasis on each word that is made bigger than the rest of the text. Try to keep a similar house style throughout.
  9. Drop the text size down to around 8/9pt instead of 12pt.
  10. Move the selfie image in line with the London Eye image and bring the text up.
  11. Adjust the mid-tones to the road image because although it is an amateur photograph it has a greater style of a professional one.
  12. Check the consistent emphasis on the wording on the page about acquiring the house.
  13. Use the green background again on a double page spread of the kitchen and rooms to stop the white from images bleeding into the background and give more definition to the images.
  14. On the chicken page, check the guttering and potentially flip the chicken round if this cannot be solved.
  15. Ensure an equal gap on the big group picture page between the other 3 images and move them upwards so there is more of a gap at the bottom.
  16. Line the text up with the edge of the bacon image.
  17. Insert a more final ending page, e.g. the photograph of the yellow fields but lift the sky to fit in more with the other images in the series so it is less overcast looking.


These are the major corrections I need to undertake in order to get the book to a better standard for printing.

Today I have also looked at printing options for my book as I want to present a hardcopy. I am currently thinking of perfect binding my book and then creating a hardback cover to go over this, which means that the guttering is very important. I have been to look at paper and have found some that I like. I now need to work out what my print options would be when I am happy with my finalised version of the book after editing – although I want to hear from my subject first to ensure that they are totally happy with the outcome or if I need to make any changes.

I have also discovered that there is some green book binding material available to me in illustration which is perfect because this is the colour I wanted to use, and considering when I went out there was nowhere that sold book binding material, except on line in bulk and for too much and quite expensive. So having the ability to use illustrations material is a real bonus.

I need to finalise my book and the edits to make sure it is perfect first, but then my next steps are to get it printed.


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