Model Release Form

In the interest of ensuring that the images can be used, I sent Andrew and Lynn a model release form. I know that I have not taken the images myself, but I have tried to tailor the wording in the form to specify that they are archive images I am using and that they are releasing the images of themselves within them to me.

I am not sure if this is the best way to do this, but I would prefer to know that I have got a release and a permission of some kind so that I know they agree to the work being used and shown.

Here is the model release form. The red boxes indicate fields that they would be signing for and what the publication may be used for in future potentially.

I have sent them the form but so far I have not had it returned. I have also sent this before I have finished the project because that way I could make sure they were aware of the form and also I knew that it gave me a bigger chance of getting it back sooner, despite not knowing the finalised images that would be being used.

Sccreenshot 1Sccreenshot 2


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