Contact Update – Progression

I have managed to get a hold of my parents back in Surrey who were able to get me some images from Aldershot. This means I now have access to some images of where my participants used to frequent, if I am allowed to use these. The images are taken on a camera phone, rather than a digital camera, but like most of the images I have so far, they are taken on either a small camera or a camera phone, so the quality is about equal.

I have not heard back from Andrew directly in regards to the projects progression, but I have heard through my parents that he is still willing to partake in the project and is keen to help it get to where it needs to be. I have been informed that more images have been put in the dropbox folder (despite previously being under the impression there was to be no more image participation) which is great. I have also been informed that I am able to use the images of Aldershot and the archive photographs. I would be happier to have this is in writing but because of the images now available to me in the dropbox I am marginally happier to use these, if they fit more greatly into the narrative.

Some of the new images on the dropbox provide a wealth of information from when they were back in England and I think will make fantastic additions to the book.

New images:

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 19.45.28.png

I am feeling a lot more confident with the option I now have that have been presented to me, and I think that they will enhance the narrative that I am trying to convey as well as making it easier for me to participate with Andrew as I can ask him what he does and doesn’t like in terms of design with images that are mostly from him. I think this is a much better turn around for the project and it means I have a bit more confidence in the direction the project is now going in.


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