Tutorial with Julia

I managed to get a tutorial with Julia to talk over what to do next in regards to the project. I have shown the email and brought all the material I have from Andrew, such as the wording he sent me and the folder of images that he has shared with me.

It was felt that the email was more positive than I first thought and it does show that he is still willing to participate in the project. In terms of the images, it is a shame there is to be no more image participation on Andrew’s part, although he did say he might be able to get me some images of Broadstairs and maybe their old kitchen. I have been advised to email and ask if it may be possible to see some of these images and maybe I can then use them as well as to thank him for his response.

Another suggestion that was made by Julia was to see if it would be possible for me to either go back to Aldershot and photograph around the areas they may have used and then incorporate this into the beginning part of their story, if I was allowed to. Or if I could not get back, I could maybe get my parents to do some photography for me. However this would depend on whether Andrew would be ok for me to do this.

We looked at the wording Andrew had sent me and we think that it does paint an idea of what their migration was like and it is strong enough to be used in conjunction with images I have.  I will of course just have to work on where it would sit within the book and also get a draft of the book completed with the wording inside. I have also got hold of some of my parents archives for their trips out to France, however again, this is subject to Andrew letting me use them because privacy laws are very different in France, despite my parents being the copyright holders of the images. The images are more of the everyday, but it is a matter of being able to use them that may be the problem.

It seems there are some options available for me to look at in regards to this project and it isn’t a lost cause just yet. I will email Andrew again and see if I can get my hands on some more pictures and in the meantime work on getting some images of Aldershot that I may be able to use, just in case. I will try to work around with what I do have and see where I can go from here in terms of creating a narrative photographically and hopefully I will be able to move forward in a more positive light. If Andrew comes back and says I am unable to use the images of Aldershot or from the archive and he has no more images to give me, then I will have to again rethink what to do. But at the moment I am hoping that I will be able to add some of my own images and this will be fine with him, as of course his input matters due to it being a participatory project.

I now need to see what my next response is and where I can go from here, as well as get some images of Aldershot.


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