Response from Andrew

Following my email yesterday, Andrew has replied. This has made me a little unsettled about the course of progression for which I should now take in regards to the project. I have emailed Julia requesting a tutorial as I am a little worried about how I am to progress on now after receiving the email.



Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 10.17.37

It came across to me that there would be no further image participation which means I am left with the images that I currently have in the drive, but I do not know whether these will be enough to make a significant narrative out of. Also with not much participation going on it is hard to make an informed and collaborative piece. However, it does sound like maybe something can be done, so I want to see Julia to discuss this with her.

The email also shows currently there are a few things I will need to change within the narrative if I continue with this as they are not liked by the subjects and as a participatory project, they have a say in this form of editing and selection. Hopefully after my tutorial more will become clear and I will have a greater and more positive look on an outcome for the progression of the module as at the moment I am a bit lost as to how to develop further.


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