Group Tutorial Updates

We had a group tutorial today whereupon as a class we sat down and discussed the development of project work again.

I spoke a little bit about my Migration project and where I am at in terms of photography, narrative development and the coming together of the book. I showed the new images I had received from Andrew and also  I was given a few pointers to look at to continue on my development:

  1. Maybe look at a slightly less square format, but not quite rectangular as this could work well for the layouts I’m looking at. (Example was Sep’s Broiler Book.)
  2. See if I can get some more of the everyday images – for example the picture of the bug was quite good because that was beginning to understand the idea of the everyday and the norms.
  3. The images are good because they are getting to be more of the everyday, so see if I can get hold of some more images like this.
  4. Re-evaluate the image of the overview of Nod in my book layout. Is it too big and is it turning the book into more of a brochure to promote the lifestyle and the life they have, rather than focusing more on their lives and the mundane and everyday. The image could still be included but just maybe smaller on the page.
  5. Think less commercial and promotional and try to think more around their lives – relates back to the everyday again.
  6. Keep up with updates, and get the images from when they were over in England as this will add to the comparison and the contrast of the two places as well as enhance the story from where it is currently sitting in terms of narrative.


I’m now going to go away and look at these points and keep building up the body of work to accommodate for these points that have been brought up as this will hopefully encourage the way I’m working and my edit of images to include. I also need to work on the text and the content as well as the layouts. I need to think more day to day and down to earth in terms of the photography so it becomes less commercial. But now I am aware of this I can build upon my work from here.


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