Drafting Book Ideas

Whilst I am in the midst of researching book layouts and gathering more images for this project, I thought it would be prudent to also look at different types of ideas that I want to consider for the layout and construction of the book.

I have been playing around in InDesign with some notes on pages of things I could consider, such as titles – what will the book be called, how will the front page layout, will it be text, or an image or both? How will the run order look, where will images sit and will there be an equal balance of text or will it be more picture dominated?

These are all questions and considerations I have been running through as a primary design. As below you can see my thought processes and my current ideas and interpretations. I want to give a certain amount of creative freedom to my participants too so they have a say in the final designs and throughout the design process because I feel this is important for me as well as them in getting their story across in a way that we are both happy with as participatory parties.

Workings so far:

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 16.14.20Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 16.14.43Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 16.14.54Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 16.15.05

Currently I am looking at a square format book because I’ve been looking at a lot of books and have found that I really connect with the square format ones that I’ve seen previously. However, depending on the types of images I’m inserting and how they look on the page, I may end up converting to a portrait style book rather than landscape as I think this would work better.

I’m not currently sure what the title will be for this body of work and so I am currently working on titles and getting an idea for the content that it will contain. I am now swaying towards the idea of using an image on my front cover but I obviously don’t want it to be too heavily pixilated as I do own the images in a RAW format as they were sent from my subjects and are also archive photos, so this will have to be something I consider in a big way because I don’t want pixellation to let the project down. Therefore, I may end up resorting to pure text to combat this issue.

I’m thinking of having my main front cover and then following this up with an inside cover that holds the title again and a subheading. Speaking to Tim Adams, he says this tend to be a norm for books and I think that it would work well in this case too, providing a little bit more of an insight into what the project is about.

I will then probably introduce the book with some bulk text about my subjects or a lead into the subject, probably in columns because this will break up the text, especially is there is quite a bit of it. I then will start working with images and full pages and spreads as well as incorporating text where I feel it is appropriate.

Hopefully this will develop on from here as I see fit and as I work out some more technical details, however as I am still waiting for images, I will play around with the images that I do have in order to try to work out, if nothing else, what a layout might look like for this project.


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