Andrew and Lynn Email Response

I have heard back from Andrew in France again, and he has kindly sent me a link to some images in a OneDrive folder that he thought would be quite good for the project based on what we had discussed and some of the things he talked about in the word document he sent over. Below are the images and email communication:

And here are the images from the OneDrive folder:

Images set 1Images set 2

I am actually quite happy with some of the images seen here that Andrew has kindly sent over to me. They show a real promising start to the project and all say something about their new life having migrated over to France as well as the culture they are now a part of.

I particularly like the images with people in and where there are some clear indicators of culture – I feel like these give a strong narrative, and if I’m honest, I think the photography in some of the images is actually rather good and enjoyable to look at. As part of the collaboration for this project I wanted Andrew and Lynn to feel involved with the photographic selection of images, and I think allow them to chose which images they felt were a prominent example of what their life is like has been a great opportunity for me to see how others self edit.

The images they have selected from their archives are personal to them and keeping them involved in this way allows them to help to dictate and tell their story. They are not being presented in a way they may not be happy with and they are able to see exactly what images are being used and how.

I am now happy enough to start getting together a layout for the start of the book and begin running through editing ideas, along with working out how to interweave some of these images together. I am going to research book layouts and get an idea for how I could lay this out to give it a certain feeling and theme to it as well as making sure I get input from both Andrew and Lynn as to how they want it to look too as they are my collaborators. Everything about the design of the book will be up to me, however I want to ensure the way in which I am presenting the story that Andrew and Lynn have shared with me is something they are happy with. I am happy with the images they have sent me, although I feel I will need more so I have a wider selection, based on the fact some of them are quite similar. However, they do make a good starting point and from here following research and first drafting, I can work out what it is that I am missing in order to provide the most accurate representation of their new culture and their life as an expat of Britain.

I am really excited to get going with book layouts and it is something I really enjoy doing and feel this project will really benefit from being viewed in this way too.



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