Update from Contact and project development.

I chased my contact up in the hope that I could begin to make a start on this project. Having spoken to both Annie and Julia about my potential proposal for this module, they both seem happy with the ways in which I can pursue it.

I am trying to look at the migration of a British family over to France and the reasons for their move, how they have integrated with French culture and what the implications may be for them following the latest Brexit negotiations. Having broached the topic of migration in a slightly different fashion, I will not be meeting my subject and will be relying on images taken by them either recently or from their archive to illustrate their journey and their life now. This is going to be quite hard for me as I will have little to no photographic control over the project, however I will be able to shape the narrative of the book and work on creating a topical narrative that fits into the theme of migration and ties in the use of images to a succinct level.

I have been in email communication with my proposed subject and this is the current standings of our discussion on how to move forward with ideas for the book. As we are still in the rudimentary stages, collecting images is important as well as a backstory behind the idea of migration and this is where I am currently at.

Email communication with Andrew:

ANdy and Linda Images 1Andy and Linda Reponse to images 1Andy and Linda Reponse to images 2

As my parents know Andrew, he is a family friend which gives me a good start in terms of my connection to my subject. However as he is not a direct friend of mine, I am trying to find ways to work around getting the information that I need. I have spoken briefly with my parents and they have said he has images on his Facebook that could be good to use, hence why I broached this idea to him. I am trying to now push this project a bit more so that I can begin to get somewhere and structure what it is I will want to in the book and run from here. The moment that I can get something I can work with, I will be able to draft ideas up.

He has sent me a word document of the reasons for his and his families migration and some other topics for discussion including the impact of Brexit on him. This is a great starting point for the development of the narrative of the story so my next step is to sort out what parts I would like to use and how. If I can then also work on getting images to go with this and help to tell the story, I am on my way to getting together a cohesive story.

Word Document:


Kings word doc 1Kings word doc 2Kings word doc 3

The writing that he has included here as above makes a good start for my project as it gives me thoughts and reasons and the start of a narrative story. I now need to pick out points that I am interested in and that I can use to tell the story and go from here. It was great of Andrew to send me this write up because it gives me a lot of information I can now ask more about at a later date if I see fit.

I will now need to get some more images too so that I can begin to build upon this.

I think the images he has currently sent over could be a good start to the images we might use in the book because they are a good example of life in England and life in France. It will also help to structure out a map of his life. I have suggested as he is struggling for ideas of what to send photo wise, that he look at different aspects of his life and things he feels are significant or important and so I have responded to this in another email and am waiting to hear back:

Response part 1Response part 2

Hopefully Andrew is able to find some images that will further on the project and take it on to the next level.



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