Project Proposal: Migration

For this project I am proposing to explore the idea of migration to another country from the UK. I am looking at getting in contact with an expat from Britain who has moved away to a country such as Spain or France and explore what their life is like now and their reasons for moving.

Because of the nature of this project and looking at people that have moved away from the UK, it is likely that I will not meet my subjects and thus not take any images myself. I am therefore proposing to present this project as a collaborative piece rather than participatory, and look at using my subjects own images and their own words to piece together their story. I am going to put together all the information I have collected and steer it in a certain direction to create the narrative hopefully with the combined use of images and text.

The main aim is to look at a different angle of migration and being able to understand someone’s journey and the reason for that journey. I will be creating a book format to present this story so I feel it is important to make sure that I get the relevant information to make the story cohesive. As it is collaborative, a big part of this module is how I collaborate with my subject and how we work together. Majority of what I am proposing to do will be done online and through email/skype/messenger. I feel it will be really interesting to undertake a project of this nature without meeting my subject because I think it will definitely give me a different perspective and a lot of the world will be underpinned in the editing stages.

I am proposing to ask my subject to send me images and text. The images can be of their current life and their current home as well as any images they may have had from when they were in the UK. I would also encourage some of their own writing or drawings if they wanted to, as well as getting them to use both archive photos and other images that they may have taken recently. They could also photograph objects that are important to their journey or travel that they think are significant. I want to explore as much as a I can into the topic and then work through what materials I have that could be the best to represent the final story.

I want to make the overall outcome of the project as personal as possible and really get into the questions of migration that also tell someone’s story as I am hugely interested in finding out about their life now and comparing it to what it was through the use of the archive.


Plan B: To look at a friend who moved to England from South Africa and try to photograph and look at objects that she has from SA. To also question why she moved here and what her life is like now through a series of archive photos and new images she may take in her day to day life. I would look at the impact of migration on someone at a younger age than an adult, but moving voluntarily, not as a refugee or vulnerable person.




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