Gaining Contacts – Andrew and Lynn

I was initially struggling quite a lot with this side of the module as I was very unsure of how to go about getting contacts, especially if I was dealing with vulnerable people.

However, after speaking to Julia and wondering if we were able to look at people who have also migrated away from the UK, I thought this could be an interesting avenue to look into.

I know that some British people move to countries like France or Spain or even Italy, and set up their own business there, such as Gites or holidays homes for other people to visit on their holidays.

I have made contact with a couple who live in the middle of France who used to live in Margate in the UK. They are known to me through my parents, however I know nothing about their migration story or anything like this so I will be getting to know and discover this throughout the project as though I have no connection to them to begin with. I thought their migration story would be very interesting as well as how I collaborate with them on this module, especially as I will probably not be able to take any images of my own as such. I’m really looking forward to starting the project with them and I think it could give me some really interesting results in comparison to my other peers.


So far this is the email response I have had from Andrew and Lynn in France in regards to the project. They seem very happy for me to work on the project with them and I am looking forward to collaboratively working with them as it’ll be interesting to see the final results, especially as it will be their images and their story I am telling. I will essentially be the medium that creates and pulls the story together so I am really looking forward to this in terms of editorial style and design.


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