Researching and finding possible subjects

For this module it is key that we can find possible subjects. Migrants can come from all walks of life and have many different reasons for their migration. Also, a story doesn’t necessarily need to be on a migrant – it could be on a descendant.

There are lots of options to look into in regards to migration subjects. For example, I could choose to look at forced migrants, although this would be particularly hard, especially considering that a lot of the forced migrants arriving in the UK can often be traumatised by their experiences and not ready to share then with the world in this forward manner. However it is possible that I could work with a descendant of a migrant, someone who may know the story and be more willing to share it, but that doesn’t have so much trauma in their life that they cannot talk about it. It could also focus on their life and how they have adapted to the UK or their own experiences about belonging and the distance they are from their native land etc.

Another avenue to explore could be to look at host communities for migrants and see how their story could be told. How do they help migrants and what do they do. This could be an more indirect route to migration that still gives an interesting insight to the process and the understanding of what goes on to help those transitioning into a new life in the country.

I could also potentially look at people that have moved out of the UK to another country who have voluntarily moved for economical reasons for example as this could show a different type of migration and a different stance on it.

Alternatively I could explore an internal  migration within the country. For example, students going off to university often move to a university far away from their original home which means moving themselves to a different part of the country. This introduction to a new location and new place, in turn makes them a migrant, the same as anyone else moving permanently for a time to a new location within the UK.

Finding possible subjects could involve me trying to find some of these people and getting into contact with them. Potentially contacts could be made at the networking event as a start and through this I might then be able to find some other ways of getting to talk to some migrants or their descendants. I think finding a migrant could be quite hard because although I am aware there are migrants around, it is very hard to just be able to single them out. I am going to try to make some new connections and if not, potentially look at seeing what contacts I already have may know of someone who could help me out.

At the moment this is the way that I can going to pursue looking for subjects but I do also want to research around migration and refugees as well to give me a more well rounded idea of some of the issues I may be facing and dealing with as well as giving me an understanding of how I can be sensitive to the issues at hand.


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