Participatory and Collaborative

There is a difference between collaborative and participatory photography.  As part of the module we have to specifically focus on working with our subjects in one of these manners in particular. I’ve devised a rough outline of both different types of approach.


  • Must be able to RESPECT your subject and their point of view.
  • Discussion.
  • Methods that disrupt control.
  • Involve your subject in the process – location/outfits/ what you’re photographing/their story/their voice.
  • They may wish to select images – editorial control, ability to remove images they may not like.
  • They may wish to have taken the images themselves/ have an influence on the photographs.
  • Teaching discussion/knowledge/insight/ understanding.



  • Teaching
  • Collaborative participatory methodology in which participants are supported in generating their own photographic work in order to share lived experiences and present the world as they see it.
  • Get the subject to engage with the project and become a part of it.
  • They become part of the project itself.


As I begin to research more and find out more about both approaches I will continue to investigate this. It is vital for the project that I find out more about both approaches and get the best out of my research so I can plug this energy into my projects. I plan to research different projects that are both collaborative and participatory to give me more of an idea in the formation of a project idea.


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