Migration – Pros and Cons

As part of the start of this module on migration and those that choose to migrate, I thought it would be wise to research into migration and the reason why people may choose to migrate as well as the pros and cons of migration. This also helped me when it came to the in class debate about migration. For the sake of well roundedness, I have looked at both sides of the argument.

Pros of Migration:

  • + Job vacancies and skills gaps can be filled.
  • + Economic growth can be sustained.
  • + Host countries are enriched by cultural diversity.
  • + Immigrants bring energy and innovation.
  • + Services to ageing population can be maintained where there are insufficient young people locally.
  • + Pension gaps can be filled by the contribution of new young workers and they also pay taxes.
  • + Facilitated growth in economy.
  • + Benefits to tourism industry through development of new air routes.
  • + Greater cultural links with developing nations, good for international trade.
  • + Moves them away from war/ natural disasters/famine etc.
  • + Migrants take jobs no one else wants.
  • + Aids the ageing population by bringing in new young people. The UK specifically suffers from an ageing population.


Cons of Migration:

  • – Increase in population can put pressure on public services.
  • – Unemployment may rise f there are unrestricted numbers of incomers.
  • – Integration difficulties and friction with local people.
  • – Large movements of people lead to more security monitoring.
  • – Constant terrorist threats.
  • – Ease of movement may facilitated organise crime and people trafficking.
  • – Domination of areas due to migrant population.
  • – Increased crime and increased inflation, loss of national culture.
  • – Loss of British workers due to immigrants willing to work for 1/2 wage.
  •  – Drain on NHS resources and healthcare.
  •  – Education may fall in areas, especially if English is not spoken well.
  • – Gender imbalances may occur to the leaving country as it is mostly men that make the move.
  • – Overcrowding and dense population.
  • – Disagreement between religions and cultures.
  • – Racisms/ language barriers.
  • – Transport may suffer due to volumes of people.
  • – Money leaving the UK to be sent home to families, breaks down the economic stability of the country.


There are many reasons why someone may feel they need to flee their country or why someone may just want to move to a new place. Some people move because of conflict and because they have no choice, others move of their own accord because they want to start a life in a new place. This is the same of internal migrations that happen within the same country.

However although there are definite benefits of migration there are also drawbacks and this can lead to a lot of tension between individuals who are particularly against it. It is important to consider both sides of the argument because this can help to understand circumstance of both sides and draw an opinion. Again, although there are negatives, in some case for those migrating and willing to risk everything, sometimes the pros outweigh the cons. It is a case of circumstance and happenstance.

In this module I hope to take a more in depth look into migration and why people may want to migrate and look at their stories and begin to understand more into the context of the subject.


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